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Overheard today: “So my friend is dating a married guy and I told her that it just isn’t going to end well for her. I mean, no judgment or anything, you know? He and his wife have two kids at home. Maybe they have an arrangement or something and she’s seeing someone too?”

No judgment? WTF is wrong with people? I wanted to speak up for the poor woman, since no one else was. Why is it so hard for people to see the inherent cruelty in cheating, or “dating” a married man? He’s fucking married – stay the hell away from him! And then …there’s THAT GUY! Don’t be that guy. Don’t be with him, either. He, of course, should be the first line of defense for his marriage, wife, and family. He should be avoiding potential interlopers – not, you know, fucking them. 

Empathy is apparently a very rare bird, Along with honor, integrity, and respect. 

Makes me sick to my stomach.