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Infidelity:  the “gift” that keeps on giving.

Yesterday my husband made a joke about someone having a side chick. Seriously. How is that funny? I want to know how anyone who has experienced this shit sandwich could ever joke about infidelity. Reminded me of the Valentines Day, just six days before DDay, when he told me that in his friend’s culture, it was common to have a side piece. I remember telling him that I thought that was awful, and he agreed with me (!) but of course he didn’t stop calling OW. How the guilt didn’t eat him up right then, I don’t know. And how he could keep calling? I’ll never understand.

Anyway, he apologized almost as soon as he said it, but not before he’d laughed a few seconds…before realizing what he’d said and with whom he was speaking. What I want to know is, if he’d not been speaking with me, would he have kept laughing? Would it have just been a funny joke? Does he think that having a side chick is still okay some of the time?

Then, last night, the woman I call almost-OW3 messaged him on LinkedIn, even though last year (and the year before) he told her that he was recommitting to his marriage and that he would no longer have opposite-sex friends that his wife didn’t also know. And at that time, she even said that she “fully supports that” …as if her approval was relevant in any way. I mean, who the hell did she think she is to have the nerve to give her approval to our marriage…to think she had any say at all? Rhetorical question – I know exactly who’d previously allowed her to opine about the state of our union.

And yet, once again, this woman messaged him last night to tell him she misses his friendship. Between these two incidents, my head was about to explode. It’s days like this that I keep asking myself, “How is this my life?” Lady, you miss his friendship? I’ll see your missed friendship, and raise you missing a faithful husband, an untainted marriage, and my sanity. Stay the fuck away from us. Just go.

I wish I had some wise or funny ending to wrap up this entry, but I don’t.

I am so tired.